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Enso circle

The enso (Zen circle) represents the philosophy of Karatedo Honma Dojo.

Sensei Honma has been studying Sho (the art of Japanese calligraphy) for many years. This simple circle drawn by Sensei Honma is a symbol of enlightenment, his true wish for all students of Honma Dojo. The enso merges what is both simple and profound.

Follow the brushstroke of the enso and you may find your training reflected in its path. Though at times it is strong and clearly defined and at other times it is challenged, the circle like your training continues resilient and determined.

Powerful and direct, yet also soft and circular, the enso represents the refinement of movement. Through consistent and continual training, a student becomes stronger both physically and mentally. Your training and commitment build your movements and your self-defense practice into a dynamic balance of power and fluidity.